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Product Details:
Package Length: 18.2 inches
Package Width: 7.2 inches
Package Height: 2.2 inches
Package Weight: 2.3 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 6 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 6 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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5Perfect since it has volume control!!Dec 10, 2012
By Goldfinger "Gold"
My main reason for buying this was for its volume control KNOB. So few are made with it but rather have increase/decrease buttons. I need a way to quickly and accurately change the volume so a knob is a must. Have not tried USB connectors on top. Many say they are underpowered which makes sense. I have plenty of open USBs on computer.

The keys work flawlessly. They have have a nice feel. I've used Dell KBs forever and have never had any problems. It uses a USB 2.0 connector. Have yet to have a connection issue as I have had with wireless units.

If you cant tell what the top buttons are from picture, they are: Back, Forward, X button (not sure what it does), Refresh, Home, than a space and Mail, My Computer, and Calculator. Has a light indicator for Num lock, Cap lock and Scroll lock. Comes with two legs that can be used to raise top of unit by an inch or so. Does NOT come with any type of wrist rest...
Well now the X is bothering me. Can't figure out what it does. Does not close any window or program. I'll be up all night now. ;)

5Great Keyboard!May 31, 2012
By R. Toro "Tech Junkie"
I have been using this keyboard at work for over a year, and I love it!

-2 USB ports located on the top part (by the cord) however, I don't think they are high speed or 2.0, so not all devices will work there.

-Love the calculator button, very handy and quickly launches the calculator in Windows 7.

-Layout of keyboard is conducive to fast typing, keys are responsive and easy to press, and they are not too loud (although I wouldn't classify them as "quiet").

-I love the volume controls on the keyboard, with easy access to the Mute and volume functions.

-Keys are not silent, (but they aren't too loud)

-USB ports are not 2.0, (but they are good for connecting a mouse or most thumb drives)

Summary: Great keyboard, especially for the low price. I'm considering picking up a second one for home use!

3Some Problems, but Good KeyboardJun 03, 2012
By Metalsand
First off, I LOVe all dell keyboards, they are the most comfortable for me, and they last longer than your computer. That said, for some reason, certain keys on my keyboard will not work if I have been inactive on the computer for at least an hour. Also, my volume nob will sometimes tick down instead of up, but that problem is so infrequent, it doesn't really matter (ticks back one every 10 ticks up or something). Overall though, it's a great keyboard.

5KeyboardApr 11, 2013
By Joe B.
This Keyboard is really nice, easy to use and if feels very good to the touch when typing on my computer. I had a dell Keyboard
and I really didn't like it because it felt like a toy but this keyborad just seems just right for typing.

3Did not come with wrist pad.Jan 16, 2014
By John Bores
The keyboard did not come with the wrist pad that was pictured. Part of why I chose this product over others listed was that it came with the specialized wrist-guard designed specifically for this keyboard.

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